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Some   very   touching   poetry   about   wolves  


Running, hunting, trying, surviving, and dying.
The wolves have no home anymore, thats why thery are crying.
For miles and miles howls are heard discussing their fates.
Humans don't care for this animal; wolves are forgotten then killed.
Humans don't know that a wolf has no hates.
That's why a wolf doesn't end up at Hell's gates.
Dark night color blue; wolves' images are relived on 14 Karat gold plates.
The round moon is the only light that they see.
Humans keep on destroying a beautiful home.
Wolves aren't dumb; they know they have no place to roam.
At night is the call of the wild.
Something pure on this Earth; like a new born child.
Cool air, water, and snow once demolished their fears.
There is nothing out there anymore; nothing but tears.
An innocent dream, turned black in the darkest clear...
For fire now dwells on the western land.
A newborn wolf pup sees his life has been altered.
No soft land to comfort your paws-only land of concrete and people.
Civilization to you.
No home no hope No life, but great sadness and fear.
Why can't the kingdom of salvation take them home.



They tightly embrace their burning pride.
Nothing on earth to compare their eternal eyes,
while they gracefully hunt in the silent night.
Their call sounds in the forests and flies,
between the shadows of monumental trees,
while they are running on autumn's leaves.
Not the clear winter's sky nor the moon's light,
may challenge the infinite elegance of their lifes,
while they rest in tranquil morning mists so bright,
their ongoing fate drives them to survive.
What mortal mind can measure their astral souls?
Are we to civilized to recognize their goals?
Their struggle in the wilderness to be free.
The wolve's eye to be aware of worlds that I can't see.

A.L. `98

A Midnight Song

By the cover of night,you sing your song to the moon.
Knowing shortly that morning will be there soon.
Most people think,it's just a howl and a cry.
To me, it's just beautiful music that you sing to the sky.
Loyality to your pack,is to the end.
And your always willing to help one of your friends,
When night falls,you go out for the kill.
It's just for the food and not for the thrill.
You go out with the pack and hunt like men.
Always returning by morning to your den.
Your with your family every moment of the day.
Constantly protecting your pups from the prey.
So next time you howl,sing very loud.
Your a great family man and should be proud.
We all should be like you,giving our family so much love.
So keep on singing your song,to the stars above.

Rick Cantalupo

"Guardian Wolves"
Some people have guardian angels
Me, I have my wolves
They keep me safe while I'm sleeping
They keep me sane while I'm awake
Some call them spirits
I call them wonderful, free souls
They protect me from all would be attackers and assasins
They are all that is left between me and
Without my wolves, I have nothing, I am nothing
Without me, my wolves are lost